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Thread: Pop-Up When PM Box Is Full

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    Pop-Up When PM Box Is Full

    Greetings All:

    Oooook, this isn't a major feature, but I think it will be helpful.

    It was inspired by this thread that was started by VictorKaum.

    If your PM box fills up, you'll now get a little pop-up message while surfing the site attesting to that fact. You can then go to your PM Box, and delete or download messages.

    You can optionally choose to turn on/off this feature under your Edit Site Options page. By default, this option is turned ON.


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    this thread that was started by VictorKaum.
    thanks allot, it was a must to use the other drop down menu to choose mess. from begining.
    thats all,
    thanks for the support.

    and thanks for the new feature JP,... man u've been developing allot in this site in the last few weeks.

    gr8 job.
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    Thank you JP to implement this feature,

    I greatly appreciaye your response... thx again

    greetz and utmost respect,


    For everyone who has missed the original thread:

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