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Thread: Experiences in Phreaking

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    Experiences in Phreaking

    I am curious in reading about PHREAKING experinces
    of all kinds. I am new to this and wanted to evaluate the responses.
    Now this is not limited in any way, shape, or form.
    I am just curious

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    most of the stuff (radio shack prices) costs more money than you'd save with free phone calls.
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    the only reason i can see for any phreaking is to make it imposible to trace. the only equipment necessary, a modular connection jack 1 pair of wires 2 alligator clips. the only knowledge needed is a basic understanding of phone lines and ring, right red, ridge.
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    I am a cracker
    I am curious in reading about PHREAKING experinces of all kinds I am new to this and wanted to evaluate the responses. Now this is not limited in any way, shape, or form.
    I am just curious thanks

    The phone system is the largest network on the planet. It is also the largest machine ever built by humans.

    You ever heard of a blue box? The traditional C5 blue box is not possible now, so it is safe for me to tell you about it. (Not telling anyone to commit toll fraud)! lol (this is pretty old)

    Here is what we used to blue box off a C5 line.

    1.You dialled a call which crossed or terminated on a C5 trunk.
    2. When the call connected it would go audible "pleep"
    3. Then the clear forward signal was sent, 2400/2600Hz for about 150ms. Sometimes it would be different small like 90ms all the way to 450ms.

    4.The trunk would respond with an "pleep" or a "wink"(different sound)
    5.The seize signal 2400Hz for about 150ms.
    6.The trunk would respond with a "pleep".
    7.Key pulse, KP1 for terminal and KP2 for transit calls.
    8 Routing digit 0,1,2 or 8,9
    9. If KP2 had been sent, the country code went next. (it had to)
    10.Next the area code was sent.
    11.Now the number you wanted to dialled used to be sent.
    12.Finally the ST signal to initiate the connection was sent.

    CCIT (C5)

    1. 700+900Hz
    2. 700+1100Hz
    3. 900+ 1100Hz

    4. 700+1300 Hz
    5 . 900+1100Hz
    6. 1100+1300 Hz
    7. 700 +1500 Hz
    8. 900 +1500Hz
    9. 1100 + 1500Hz
    0. 1300 +1500 Hz
    KP1. 1100 + 1700 Hz
    KP2. 1300 + 1700Hz
    ST. 1500 + 1700Hz
    C11 . 700 + 1700Hz
    C12. 900 + 1700 Hz

    this is how it looked KP1 - <route> - <area code> - <number> - ST

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    i dont have much experience in phreaking except i read a lot about it. i am not bragging here nor am i saying i am a phreaking guru but i have a lot of phreaking philes on computer. i got most of them from antionline and

    the easiest thing to do in phreaking is build a beige box. i am not going to tell you how because there are dozens of files on the net telling you how to. there are some right here on AO | Home Page > Archive (on the left side of the screen) > phreaking boxes > beige box |

    till now i havent actually gone phreaking but am planning to go this summer. where to go? right next to my appartment building. (note: i am lazy)

    thats all i can tell you about my phreaking experience.

    i would be glad to give you files if you need them.

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    Berburt you might wanna check out
    Capn Crunch used to have a website with al his stories but he's changing servers. Woz has 100% true stories about the early days.

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    I don't think the phreaking scene is too big over here in Ireland, Ennis can probably vouch for that. I was neve really interested in phreaking, because (depending on the box you construct) it's a violation of privacy and it's just ripping off the companies. I know some of the phreakers have bad beef with them for some reason or another (for some reason which they won't divulge), but is that really a reason to plagourise the companies?

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    Phreaking, damn for a second I thought I was at AntiOnline, pity I'll just go somewhe..wait no it is AO.

    Damn with people like Berburt and I am a Wanker you cant be sure, sorry guys!

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    what did u say ur a whacker?

    look this the newbie questions right
    i did post a question didnt i
    i believe the post title does not deviate from the post does it?
    well if u didnt like my post try reading the the title next
    time and u wont waste space or time of people who are truly interestd
    thank you.

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