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Thread: MSN Tech Support log...

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    MSN Tech Support log...

    This is so sad (I am Josh, BTW):

    Topic: I have been dialing into MSN on my other computer that has Linux on it for a long while now. Recently, I have been unable to do this because it says my PW and UN is wrong. I know this is false, so I'm sure something was "updated" to "protect" me in some way. I wanna get on on that box and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to. I DO pay for internet access to MSN, not for access only on certain PCs. How do I get online using my Linux now that the dial-in server does not accept my info?
    Marvin: Hello Josh. Thank you for using MSN Interactive Online Support. My name is Marvin, I will be your Online Technical Support Engineer.
    Marvin: Josh, what error message are you receiving?
    Josh: When I dial into it, it tells me the username and password is wrong. It used to say this until I found out if you put "MSN/" it will work, instead of just your username. Now that stopped working, and I need to know how to connect.
    Marvin: Josh, what are you using to connect is it MSN Explorer or MSN Internet Acess?
    Josh: I am on a Linux box, not on a Windows one, so I am using regular PPP dial-up.
    Marvin: Josh, here is what you should do when you caonnect again later just use your username without the @msn extension.
    Josh: Can you give me 1 moment? I can do it right now, it's right here beside me. Then I can tell you if it works or not.
    Marvin: That would be fine Josh.
    Josh: Thanks, be right back.
    Marvin: Josh, by the way can I hyave your @msn email address for confirmation.
    Marvin: Josh are you done already?
    Josh: Yes.
    Josh: I am.
    Josh: And it did not work.
    Josh: My address is
    Marvin: Josh, can you please explain further what you are trying to do why you cannot connect.
    Josh: Well, the main problem really is I am using a Linux OS. This makes it hard considering Microsoft is in competition with other Operating Systems. I have been able to sign on using the Linux OS for a while, but recently it stopped letting me get just tells me that my username and password are wrong. But they're not. I can come in here on the Windows OS computer and get on using the same UN and PW just fine, but when I try in there it won't let me. It used to not let me on using and password, but then I put MSN/ and it worked. This does not even work now, so I need to know what I need to put into the UN field and if I need to do an encrypted PW or what.
    Marvin: Josh, thank you for the confirmation but Linux OS is not supported by MSN so ifn you can use Linux, anmd log that would be great but sorry we do not have solution to your issue.
    Josh: Ok...
    Marvin: Would there be anything else Josh?
    Josh:, I suppose not.
    Marvin: I hope that you have found our session about MSN being compatible with Linux OS helpful. We are available 24 hours a day and are always glad to help. For your convenience and future reference, your ticket number is 60969767, and you will receive by e-mail a detailed transcript of our chat, including all site links. Thank you for using MSN Interactive Online Technical Support. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need further assistance, please come back and visit us again.
    Josh: Umm...ok. Bye, and stuff.

    Figured you all might wanna see this crap.

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    heh gott love micro$oft


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    Same ole' MS.....
    The COOKIE TUX lives!!!!
    Windows NT crashed,I am the Blue Screen of Death.
    No one hears your screams.

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    How to hack Hotmail or Yahoo Passwords

    This is the best way to hack anyone’s Hotmail or Yahoo passwords. You can use your Hotmail address to get a Yahoo address and vice versa also. Here is how to do it.

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    This works by confusing the server. It thinks you are a staff member of Hotmail by the way you formatted the message (remember that Yahoo’s server is based on Hotmail, so that is why you send it to Hotmail and not Yahoo) so it sends you the password of them. This is the best way to confuse the server. There are other ways, but they don’t work.

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    C. Hacking rules

    1. Never damage any system. This will only get you into trouble.

    2. Never alter any of the systems files, except for those needed to
    insure that you are not detected, and those to insure that you have
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    3. Do not share any information about your hacking projects with
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    4. When posting on BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) be as vague as
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    5. Never use anyone's real name or real phone number when posting
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    Heh nice try carrier - but one thing obviously your saying that is used by hotmail staff - right so that would mean that hotmail has reserved that address for their own company use, yeah!? So how come if you try to register it you get
    Registration Error - We're sorry, someone has already selected: psswrd_lost
    hmmmm thats funny cause when you try to register an addy reserved for hotmail staff and/or service you get
    Sign-In Name contains reserved or ineligible word. Please select another.
    could it be that you have simply signed up for psswrd_lost and are hoping that very gulliable peps will email you their account names and pswds???? Oh shame on you Not a very good start here at AO is it!?!?

    [sarcasm]Well better luck next time[/sarcasm]


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    O.K. try this VALHALLEN How to hack a yahoo/hotmail E-mail password posted: 12-28-2001 01:07 PM (post #1)
    Hack Yahoo/Hotmail E-mail

    To successfully hack the e-mail server you must follow directions EXACTLY

    Open your e-mail client (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, Excite) Create/Compose an e-mail In the "to:" field,
    type* In the "subject:" field, type "Forgot Password" In the main body of
    the e-mail type the following on the specific line: o 1st line: "I forgot the password, please
    reply" o 2nd line: enter the e-mail address of the person you are wanting to receive the password
    for (i.e. o 3rd line: leave blank o 4th line: enter your specific e-mail address
    (i.e. o 5th line: enter the password of that address (i.e. janedoe)

    If you follow these specific procedures, you will be able to receive the password for the person's
    e-mail address (Usually within 1 to 2 days). The way this works is that when you send the original
    e-mail to the customer service address, it confuses the server and allows the user (you) to receive
    the password of the person's address you entered.

    *- If you want to receive a Hotmail user's password, enter into the
    "to:" field.

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    well why would a bot need your password think about it just an obvious scam to try and pull ppl s passwords far out i dont even thinkg a sub 7 kiddie would fall for that well actually they would their farily stupid and would like nething to hack hotmail hmm woder if theyd sell me their computer on a way to do it hehe i need new puters wanna make a beuwolf hehe well neway
    cya RiOtEr
    ps dont listen to them their lyeing hehe well just to make my point

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    carrier, stop posting bullshit and ruining jehnx's thread.
    \"Isn\'t sanity just a one trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick. Rational Thinking.
    But when you\'re good and crazy, hehe, the skies the limit!!\"

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    beware matty_cross I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by
    what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something
    that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker and this is my manifesto. You may stop this
    individual, but you can't stop us all...after all, we're all alike."

    +++The Mentor+++

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