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Thread: Meditation 101

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    Post Meditation 101

    This has absolutely nothing do to with computer security or technology at all. I just though some of the flames (eg. I am a Cracker) could read this. It calms you down a lot.

    Meditation by Jethro

    Before I start this text I would like to state what meditation means to me. I think meditation is
    different for everybody, it has different effects and can more or less dramatic in everybody.

    I am relatively new to the world of meditation. For me, meditation relaxes me incrediibly and
    makes me a lot less stressed. I never really suffer from stress, but I worry. I worry almost to
    the point of paranoia. But this isn't a problem, after I discovered meditation.

    I always thought that meditation was for those weirdos while climb mountains on the path to
    enlightenment, live in caves alone for years and talk of "Nirvana" or "Bad mojo man!". But I was
    wrong. Meditation can be for everyone. All you need is time and a bit of concentration.

    I actually stand up when I meditate. I feel when I sit down, my mind tends to wander to other
    things. This is the problems with newbies, like me.

    I stand up, head up straight. Your posture is quite important. This is my theory. The mind (well
    my mind anyway) can only concentrate on two things at the one time. So if you concentrate on your
    posture, that's 50% of your concentration already wrapped uo in meditation. The other 50% is
    signifcantly harder to utilise.

    You can use the other 50% to concentrate on your breating. You can use it to fixate on an image
    or you can attend to your inner self. I prefer to do all three.

    Firstly, I go into a room. The room has to be very quiet. Maybe there can be calming music like
    Enya or something. Whatever you want. If you want to go the whole hog and put up like
    incense-candles or something, you can. Personally, I prefer if I'm just in a dark room with
    nothing but silence.

    As I said earlier I prefer to stand up. I stand up, shoulder aligned and head up straight,
    looking ahead. I look (if the room isn't too dark) at a point far enough infront of me. Then I
    close my eyes and I am immediately cut off from all visuals.

    Many people think you have to sit down, cross-legged, to meditate. This is the Indian way of
    meditating, where the whole place orignated. This doesn't improve your concentration or anything,
    it just makes you uncomfortable and I have found that it is hard to think of anything but your
    uncomfort. The Indian people do this, just because that is the way they sit when they are eating,

    So you are concentrating on you posture. Next step, breathing. Not the hardest of tasks because
    it's automatic. But if you concentrate, like really concentrate on your breating, you can slow
    down your heart rate significantly, which is a good thing (unless it slows down to much and
    you... die).

    I take deep breaths through my mouth, hold it for a moment, then breath through my nose. I only
    do this at the beginning though, after that I just breath out through my mouth. This slows down
    your heart-rate, which calms you down. Well, technically, it calms you down which in turn slows
    down your heart-rate, but don't sweat the math.

    Then next step is inner attention. You probably have done this before. I started doing this years
    before I even thought of doing meditation. Basically, you focus (with your mind) on a part of
    your body. Start with the tip of your nose. Concentrate. Can you feel it tingling? Does it feel
    like it is alive? Is so, good, move to the next part, your lips. Keep moving until you have
    concentrated on your entire body and then concentrate on your body as a whole. If you can't feel
    a part of your body, then just move on. No point dwelling on it.

    The last part of my actual meditation, is the image. Put an image in your head and concentrate on
    it. Look at every part of it (with your mind that is, of course). I always think of this
    flourescent green glow-in-the-dark statuette of Mary I have beside my bed on my bedside locker. I
    guess because it's so bright, it's easy to concentrate. Also because I see it everytime I go into
    my room.

    When you are satisfied with your work, slowly open your eyes. Welcome back! Don't you feel
    relaxed? Don't you feel all airy and light-headed. Don't you feel like you've just sniffed
    something? If you don't, don't worry, it'll come with time.

    If you feel that your mind is wandering, concentrate on the thing your mind is wandering to,
    think about it, then breath it out. There's no point fighting it. This is your mind trying to
    trick you into losing its concentration. Just breath the image out and continue.

    I hope that helps all you over-stressed people or you people who just want to relax and
    experience meditation.

    This has been my experience with meditation, but almost everbody does it differently.

    Have Fun,

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    Thats pretty cool, I'v stoped my Heart once using stuff like this.....Only for a little while, coz It makes me Feel really sick and empty....

    I simply sitdown and close my eayse, then consentrating on slowing things down, and slowing down my breathing, Not Stoping it, just slowing it down to a v.slow rate... then your heart should slow down alot, the minute it stops, (It will not stop permanently) you will feel really sick and weak.....

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    Red face Ok.....

    ....everyone knows about about astral projection?

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    Meditation can be very useful if you're working in the IT Dept I guess. It helps you not cursing Bill or some crapy compiler when your code doesn't work. Microsoft should offer free mediation courses when you buy one of its product. It would seriously help.

    Thanks for the tutorial...
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    Meditation is fun

    When I meditate, i sit cross-legged, but thats just because its comfortable for me, i have also done it laying down. When i tried to do it standing up i lost my balance, :shrug:

    Some (or most) celtic meditation involves visualisation, at least more than most others in the world, because where the eastern meditations deal with the self, the celtic deal with the self and your diety or dieties depending.

    The Meditation that i usually use is i sit in a dark room, no music, cross-legged, then i visualize myself as a tree. My body is the trunk, and i visualise my hair growning longer ( though it is quite long on its own lol) like the branches of a willow tree until they touch the ground. From the base of my tail bone i visualise roots growing into the earth, and i visualise white energy being drawn from the earth, then it travels up through my body and out through my hair, back into the earth, thus completing the circle. It does wonders for my mood

    this is a druid meditation (hence all the tree lore) though it does work.

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    If YOu wanna know more about Meditation and Astral Projection...(Haraam77)
    Go to
    Also contains nice Little Curses For those Hard to reatch MS
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
    Og ingen kan minnast dei linne drag i dronningas andlet den fagre dag Då landet her kvilte i heilag fred og alle hadde kjærleik å elske med.

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    Astral projection now theres something that could be really fun
    imagine what you could get up to.....our what you would see oO


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    Meditation is done by many people in the computer security scene as well, check out Jon Callas

    very funny pic of him meditating

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    Astral projection is incredible. For years I read everything I could on the subject. I did excercises everyday, most were meditations and **** like that, that were supposed to help one to astral project. For a long time it seemed like I would get really close and at the last minue I;d get freaked out somewhat and ruin everything. It probably took me 3 or 4 years just to get to that stage. It was really frustrating.

    In alot of what I read authors would suggest things like obstaining from sex, fasting for long periods of time, becoming a vagetarion... For me, the vegan thing sounded feasible. So i did. After about another 3 or 4 years of eating no animal products and during a time of great stress I was finally able to do it. I was only successful 3 times over a period of about a year. Astral projection, though I was completely obssessed with it, was very frustration for me.

    In recent years I;ve have many successes with the help of a drug called ketamine. There's actually alotta info on the web and in books that discuss ketamine and it's ability to induce outta body experiences. With ketamine I can usually astral project at will.

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    Is it really that important to you, that you would take hallucinaganic (spelling error somewhere there I assume) drugs?

    It's pretty cool though, the whole thing. I don't think "obstaining from sex, fasting for long periods of time, becoming a vagetarion" appeals to me very much though

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