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Thread: partitioning linux

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    Question partitioning linux

    What is the default partitioning scheme that i should do for Red Hat 7.1 on a 20 gig unformatted partition? I have Windows XP on the other 60 gig partition...

    I appreciate the help
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    I don't know if there's a "default" partitioning scheme but if you are new to linux I would suggest the following configuration:

    A "/boot" partition with a size of approximately 4-6 MB
    A "swap" partition with the double size of your RAM, e.g. 128 MB RAM <-> 256 MB SWAP
    A "/" partition with the rest of the HDD's capacity

    I think this is the best configuration for a beginner
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    thank you, that is just what i needed
    \"Not all humans are reasonably good.\" -John Locke

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