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Thread: Me, My Subwoofer, and Radio Netherland

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    Me, My Subwoofer, and Radio Netherland

    The following is the whole TRUTH..

    Lately, when i shutdown my computer, my MidiLand subwoofer seems to have a mind of its own. Sparodically, i catch foreign broadcasts, ranging from Radio Netherland to a French chorus. This is quite troubling and very unnerving. If anyone else out there has similar problems, lets hear them, or, if you know what sickness has eluded me and infested my subwoofer, lets hear it.
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    Maybe the powersurge does strange things to your radio?
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    Hahahah sound like fun but assuming what you say is the truth there can be only one answer for your problen it's like this the filter in your subwoofer schematicly is almost identical to a am radio reciever a coil and set of capacitors only thing missing is the crystal (or diode) wich basicly does the tuning what prolly happend to your set is that one of the electrolyte capacitors got damaged due to some cause (power surge maybe) causing it to act as a diode instead of a capacitor hence enabling it to recieve am radio the reason this doesn't happen while the power is on is because the voltage to the circuit overpowers the current picked up from the feeble am waves
    the solution woud be either replace the cap or buy a new set
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    Well mrlin you dont show where you are but that is fairly normal with some amplifiers. I have a friend that receives CB radio on his speakers at times. The only way to get rid of this is to put a better shield around the amp inside the box and around the audio cables going to it.

    P.S. I do maint work at a tv station in detroit so I am very familiar with this sort of thing.

    P.P.S. Actually the transistors inside the amp will act as diodes as well.
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    You can always place yourself in some sort of giant cage of faraday,

    use some chicken wire, steal wire-netted, to make a giant cage of Faraday as big as your room, make sure there are no holes in it... your room will look pretty strange but no electric / magnetic distortion can enter that cage... you will recieve 0.0 % radio signals.

    Above is the real freaky solution for your prob, better is follow Dbl_Tap's advice

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    Probably a poorly shielded input to the amp.
    This could be caused by a loose connection
    or a cheap cable.
    The input to any amplifier is capable of picking
    up radio frequency interference (RFI).
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    when i was a kid ...i used to be able to listen to hockey games on my wah pedal....(oh...and btw...yay Canada!)...
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    I've had this happen on phones form time to time. Are you sure it's radio netherland? Cause if you're in the US, the only thing you should be able to receive is strong local stations.
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    ::::: just putting the finishing touches on my copper foil walpaper... damn you VictorKaum ;P :::
    Actually, I had this problem with my Line6 spider amp (go figure I'm a guitarist) I solved it by cleaning up the amp's grounding points, and of course, lining the amp part of the cabinet with copper foil. sounds cleaner now than it did when I bought it.

    you might look into a more insulated wire/speaker setup
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    the repies to this are good but there is one strange thing
    how the hell are u hearing this in a sub woofer
    try getting a crossover or if money is an issue
    get a piece of wire and wrap it around a toilet paper cardbord roll at least 20 or so times and
    connect one end to the positive input in the woofer and the other end to the positive wir that was orugionally going to the speaker.

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