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Thread: Cisco security specialist certification

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    Cisco security specialist certification

    Hello All im back lol I have a question I am looking into the Cisco security specialist certification i want to see if anyone else on this site has that cert if so has it helped you enhance your security career.


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    I have an ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) which means that I am legally allowed to operate a computer at McDonalds branches.

    Yours in remorse,
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    I havent actually attained it myself but my friends that have seem to be doing well for their Cisco Cert.

    Go for it!

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    I do have the cert, but I took it when there was still only a single exam (MCNS) required for the cert. When I studied and took the exam, I thought it was too high level, and not enough technology specific topics were covered. However, I have seen practice exams for the new track, and have read 3 of 4 of the books, and I would say it is much improved and definately worth taking.

    Hope this helps...


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    well i will not say that the cisco cert is not that good because two of my friends have done it and they are doing pretty well one has become network administrator at IBM.
    it is a good cert and covers basically all the rules of different types of networks like LAN WAN and MAN etc.. and then there is a brief introduction on network security and routers..

    then comes the data packets the headers and the trailers.. and all that ..

    but i will say it is not bad... if u get any chance .. do it... don't think

    all the best...

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    Thanks and god bless you all you dont know how much you have helped .


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    hell yea i would go for it
    right now im half way finnished with my ccna cer and right after im going fo the ccip
    as recomended by INVICTUS and after that mabey ill go for the cssc because network security is my intrest

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