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Thread: A formal Introduction

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    A formal Introduction

    Hey, I was going to post a little thing thing in the Roll Call forum but it was too informal.

    Ive been lurking here for well over 2 months and I know the good from the bad here, actually its easy!

    Bad: Berburt, I am a Wanker, oblio [buts he is funny at times], and [Web Carnage]<-joke hes cool!

    Good: Terr, Negative, Ennis, Vorlin

    Now Im not new to this but Im not advanced in my knowledge so I decided to post when I seen how bad things have been getting in here and try get some good solid knowledged back into AO!

    Are you with me!

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    Greetz cmnoop. There's an easy way to tell the 'Good' from the 'Bad' users here.
    It's called the AntiPoint system. Green dots signify positive posts and threads by
    a user and the red ones signigy negitive posts with meaningless nonsense. You'll
    notice that there's only a few of those users here but they're not hard to find.
    Any way, welcome to AO.


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    Thanks R_a_ maybe I can help you get more points but I doubt mine are worth anything yet.
    I heard about your court ordeal and I wish good luck!

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    You don't give Antipoints to people cause they seem nice, or already have a lot, you give them antipoints when they make good posts.
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla nĂ¡ engwar.

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    i was wondering how am i bad
    i know u havent seen me for the couple of months uv been lurking
    and also what is the point of this post?
    please expand on this because in a place like this your rep is everything
    i also noticed I WAS THE FIRST ON THE LIST
    what u dont like my avatar?
    or mabey my posts? know mabey ill start a pole on am i good or am i bad
    ome more thing how have u been lurkin around for a couple months when u became a member this month????
    also ive looked at ur post and found nothing to convince me that ur about bringing good solid knowledge to this site , so why dont u practice what u preach
    intead of ur 1 word or 1 sentnce posts.
    or my favorite
    zone alarm is no good, but dont take my for for it , how about your own.

    "ZoneAlarm really is bad, by recommending it you show you really understand little and are easily leasd by other people. "

    "It is a resource hog, contains spyware of some sort and is simple which is not good except for your granny."

    you cant go talkin that kind of crap without some backing.

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