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Thread: Girls

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    hiiii guys ..from so much technology bust we should also concentrate our life in real world do u guys have girlfriends or not..i used to have one but i broke up with him..what u say

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    Probably AO is not the place u really want to be....

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    Im not sure this is a good place for this topic but ill humor u
    try chit chat
    yea i got a girl.
    but wouldnt it be the sh*t if u could interact with girls on a similar
    way like the matrix . u know the chick in red and the the digital pimp.
    now that would be a true advancement
    safe sex, not even having to know her or say good bye in the morning,
    deal with the bad days, or just plainly get involved.
    of course tv evangelists would blow an O ring and probably have a stroke
    but im not religious.

    oh and of course there would be guy programs for the ladies

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    Yea, I have a girl. She rocks and keeps me sane from the day after day tedium of work. Cool thing is that she never bitches at me about my PC use or anything. She even comes out and hangs at the LAN parties with us. Plain and simple she rocks, I hope the some of the other fellas have found women who treat them right.
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    girlfried they want me to leave the puter for long periods of time and i melt if that happens i lost a leg that way ...... hehe yeah lol that my valuable input computers are my life and if ur serious bout security they will be 2 ohh well cya

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    I'm surely NOT asexual but i think my hacking energy is sapped by distractions like sex, money, and - SO important - social approval.
    Love your country, but
    never trust its government. -- Robert A. Heinlein

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    what a post in this forum.... ohhh... feeling... dizzy...
    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    just because im bored and i dont feel like flameing this idiot like all the other times he does sum stupid attempt to make friends ill answer this question....

    I have a girlfriend, she goes to my school, we have been going out off and on for 6 months now, its like any other mature relationship... no kiddish "can i kiss u?" crap or bragging to friends about it...

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    haha i guess some of u know what ma answer would be

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    Cool Girls

    Hello every1,

    this is my first post, i dont expect it to be that nice and useful but i would like to express my views on this topic here, GIRLS...

    every1 of us here like to look at girls but not for friendship and trust but only for 1 reason which every girls also knows, i know not all girls are like that but only a few girls r really intrested in guys by what they r and not by their pocket's size and bank balance, etc..

    lets see what girls have to say about this

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