A while ago I posted this in the web-development forum.....I know it ain't security related but I thought I'd pop it in here jut in case it is of any use to anyone

orignially posted here

flash preloaders are easy peasy well once you know how heres a quick run through in how to create one......

1. name the first frame of your loader scene start
2. create a keyframe at about say frame 10 and name it loaded
3. create another keyframe after loaded and name it wait
4. create a final keyframe called next

ok now heres the action script for each scene

ifFrameLoaded ("lastScene", "LastFrame") {
gotoAndPlay ("next");

ifFrameLoaded (1) {
gotoAndPlay ("start");

ifFrameLoaded (1) {
gotoAndPlay ("NextScene", 1);

Ok easy so far?? the bits in bold you'll have to change to your scene/frame names
but you don't want just a blank screen so add another layer and make a small animation to play between frames 1 & 10

I'll include a sample .fla for you to look at to save a bit of server space plz visit the original post for the .fla thanx - hope it helps
Any more questions feel free to PM me about it and I'll do my best to help you out.....