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    Exclamation Script Kiddi

    It has come to my (And almost every one else's) atention that People are using AO points for theyr own lessure, Personaly I feel that AO points are a mark of acchivment, And i know that some script kiddi is going to get all in a piss about this and give me loads of Neg. Points....

    But I am free to speak my mind and voice my Conserns, and I feel that this has gone to far...
    I know that similar threads are already going, I'm just trying to stop a perpetual flame war, someone doesn't like a post, and start giving Points, well WAKE UP!!
    If you don't have anyting Intelligent to contribute, then we don't want to hear it, End of story..
    I don't mind getting Neg feedback...I learn from it...
    But I do mind getting a ned AO point Saying " Wanker" which is not signed, it offers no learning and no reall sign of Intelligence.....

    If You want to insult me... FINE, but atleas let me know who you are, so I can learn from my "Mistakes", That is generaly what this site is about... LEARNING....

    If this dose not consern you or dos not spark any intteres in you, then I am sorry for wasting you time...

    ...........THIS IS NOT A FLAME THREAD...........
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    What has been said before? stop these F*#@% useless threads about negative points, people have gone down getting flooded for posting like this (like Freeagent).
    Don´t you ppl learn?

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    Talking Well.....

    Ya know, if you have a strong opinion on something that may be controversial you are bound to get negative points. True, it's 2 bad that people throw these points around so freely. I must admit though that I "earned" my negative least most of them. I think it would be a good idea for someone to monitor the points given out and a reason should be given for doing so. This would certainly prevent or stop abuse.

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    it's times like this I wish I were a moderator....I'm starting to loath reading threads in the genral chat section....I'm with focmaester on this one, let's allow new topics to be started in the chit chat section
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    i will admit that i earned a few of the antipoints i recieved, but most of them came from anonymous lamers who were upset because i was right and the were wrong. infact, one such individual gave me negatives because he did not like my job! he said he did not believe me and gave me negatives? i have come to understand that the points mean pretty much nothing because a majority of them come from those not worthy to give them out.

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