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Thread: The dangers of a possible superworm

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    The dangers of a possible superworm

    This is some scary business here. I read this article this morning and it sent a chill down me. It REALLY would not take much at all to write a very powerful and destructive worm with the kind of potential that this article talks about, that would make Nimda look like a baby's toy . There are STILL home and business users out there that have not learned from the past/don't give a frig/it dosen't apply to me/nothing's EVER gonna happen to me etc. to be able to give such a worm a nice breeding ground . An even SCARIER thought is that such a worm could use the new and VERY powerful DrDoS techniques that Steve Gibson was recently attacked by (the report is at I can't get there right now to link it here). I don't see how we could ever stop such an attack if you had mutiple Attacking computers in control of a worm sending out multiple DrDoS packets to the core routers of the Internet/other victim computers which are sending packets out to the attack target. With the Raw Socket capabilities of XP I don't think it would be hard to make such a worm either . If people do not begin to wake up and take computer security more seriously we could very well see the end of the Internet as we know it.

    A friend and I predicted back in 1998 that you would see more home and small business users having problems with their security. That worms would become common and spread as they do today. That Trojans like SubSeven would become a common toy of the kiddies and that their use would get to the level that it has, that so many people would be hurt by them. BO v. 1.2 was barely out then. Now look what we have . She gets asked all the time where she lives to help someone get rid of this or that (she learned the art of removal from her Mentor, me )...want your thoughts on this please.

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    I remember the chaos theories that came out when code red was hitting....and I completely agree. So many people are certain of "if I don't see it, it won't hurt me".......but we have to watch out. Good article, just keep yourself on the safer side, and stop allowing people to use crappy M$ and that will eliminate half of the problem

    good stuff
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    A Current Affairs program aired on Australian TV a few weeks back regarding 'net security. The program warned of "superworms" and said that Nimda and Code Red were just trials of the "Superworm"....The technology already exists and is widely available to create such worms. Time will tell!

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    Start running your tarpits now rather than later.
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    The Gibson site's back up. The report is located at

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    That is some scary shiznit.
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    All we ca do Is Unplug'n'Pray.....
    This can not be a good thing.........
    BTW, duz any one here know if any one is working on a SmartAV or a UniversalAV code.... Coz that would be really helpfull

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