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Thread: some interesting keyboard issues...

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    some interesting keyboard issues...

    I was reading Here

    and a couple of things jumped out at me....

    "We considered adding a keyboard sniffer to log keystrokes so we could tell if the abuse came from the keyboard or a piece of running code. Unfortunately, the user was using a Compaq Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboard instead of a standard PS/2 connector, so that was impossible. "

    this seems to imply that a usb keyboard is not susceptible to keyloggers...anyone have info on this...??

    "What had I noticed? Compaq keyboards have a series of buttons along the top. Called "easy access" buttons, they serve as shortcuts to commonly visited Web sites, like and, and to the user's e-mail client. The cleaner simply brushed against these buttons while cleaning the keyboard. Although the workstation was locked, these keys still bypassed the security lock and launched the Web sites and e-mail client. (Compaq has since issued a patch.) "

    that's just a bit scary...i'm off to check our dells with "easy access"...
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    "easy access"
    these are indeed the right words for such an issue

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