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    Am looking for hackers to test security and vunrability of a number of our websites. If you are interested or know where I could find such people please mail



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    Where's FreeAgent?

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    Enough already. You've only posted this how many times? Lets umm uh see:

    If nobody has volunteered by now. Don't you think that 8 times is enough? Besides. If you are for real, give us a real email address and perhaps the company you work for and their web site. So we can verify this request of yours. I don't want to blatantly and/or blindly attempt an exploit on another server without permission. So give us some more info. Just so we can see if it's legit.....
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    Question Website Hacking Ethics

    Are you absolutely SURE these are your sites? There was another member, now ex-member, who recruited the help of AO members (FreeAgent) to hack and test the security of some sites he supposedly owned, but in fact didn't.

    Provide some proof that you own these sites or no one will take you seriously, and therefore you will achieve nothing with your request on this site, little strange amn who flies around in a leotard... hmmmmm, I don't think the leotard part applies to you, but I always wanted to say that in some form.
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    1. Your're asking for help on (supposedly) testing the security of some sites, and you're using hotmail?
    2. If you really work for or have a legitimate reason for doing this (meaning legal), then provide us some proof of this; sites would be the most helpful.
    3. If you are legitimate, hiring a professional team would be the best option (and a permanent security advisor is also an option).
    4. To see a former example of exactly this type of thing (and what has made us so paranoid about it) :
    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

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