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Thread: hack on olympic website

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    hack on olympic website

    I was wondering if anybody had any more information on the supposedly hack by the Koreans on the United States olympic website. I know this is kind of old news, just haven't seen a thread on it yet.

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    should have a mirror archived of the webpage
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    I think that Attrition dropped the site mirror completely...and besides, why would anyone want to 'hack' a website such as that? Has cyberspace become such a playground for the petty and immature that any 'new' site must be 'hacked' for some odd reason? 'Oh, hey, the Olympics website!...Let's deface it for no particular reason other than that it's there!" Sad.

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    I read that the site was not hack but overload of e-mail to protest of the disqualification of a Koreans (I think, not sure) in a speed skating competition.
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