Okay, I need assistance with a VB program.. Let's say in the most basic program we have to take the amount of an item and divide it by the price, to get the unit price..

I need to take "16 Oz" from a textbox which would be the amount variable divide it by let's say "16" from the amount to get the individual price per unit.. Okay.. Easy enough... using the Var(txtAmount.text) code.. I can extract the "16" from the "16 Oz" and I get an even 1 as my output to the unit price.. But now I need to extract the "Oz" from the string to output "1 Oz" How would I do that? I've tried all different things, but I keep receiving errors. I was hoping some knowledgable individual could give me some ideas... Thank you.. Also.. If you could, please respond within the next 3 1/2 hours.. I have a deadline.. Thank you..