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Thread: 110 Ghz Chip :)

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    Talking 110 Ghz Chip :)

    Taken from

    Latest Developments
    IBM Builds Fastest Communications Microchip
    (Reuters) - International Business Machines Corp. said on Monday it has built the world's fastest microchip, which will enable communications systems to run far more quickly. The integrated circuit runs at more than 110 GigaHertz, or 110 billion cycles per second, meaning it will be able to process more than 2.8 million pages of text per second.

    I think thats friggin awsome!
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    Holy sh!t, wow thats amazing!.... Just think, some one will hack it and whatnot and have thos ekinds of resources to crack passwords/keys.... But that is a huge developnet in PC's!

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    just think if they were to computer PI with a machine like that.

    currently there is a 4.5 billion digit computation. they oughta be able to do better
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    I wonder if they really meant "11.0" gigahertz or something... It probably has to be hardcoded to do certain tasks (less versatile) and also probably has an elaborate framework of cooling systems and such supporting it.
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    Still.......even if it is a bit less versatile........the raw speed of it would rather make up for that.........

    I personally would rather like one of those.........though I dare say they'll be quite expensive until they've been out for rather a long time.

    And, of course, the obvious--someone will end up saying this, so I may as well.........

    "Imagine a beowulf cluster of these.........."
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    well it is a very very good speed i would say.. but then as kublaikhan said.. it will cost pretty good.. and also will need a high cooling system.. otherwise.. it will burn the chip down....

    and what that speed..... ohhhhhhh... man man... pages on the net might be at an eye wink...

    just imagining...
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