Well, the sotry is this... i was going through my old exam papers when i found an old VB assigment that i have done before and aced it.. so i said why not do it again and see if how much i can remember and i was also damn bored so atleast i had something to do..

BTW am using visual basic 6.0

unfortunately our of 20 questions/tasks there are two which i cant do since i 4got most of what i learnt in Visual Basic..

so im askin if anyone here can show me the code that i need.. (note: these are very simple questions, which is why am so disappointed)


1) Write a program (no form) using modules that uses a while loop to get a name from the user untill the "end" is entered. The name and the count will be displayed at each iyeration.
When "end" is entered, the program will display "Program terminated"


2) Write a program that uses a while look to accept integer values from the user untill a negative value is entered. Each value entered will be tested to determine whether it is odd or even. When the look terminates the program will print:

i) the number of odd and even numbers entered..
ii) The total of odd and even numbers entered...

Note: i have tried doing these questions but i am always stuck.. there are some stuff i cant recall..

Please write your codes in txt form. if you are using a "form" dont worry, just show me the codes (from there i can figure out what your form looks like)