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    Lightbulb Free Boot Loader

    I just ran across this on WebAttack. It's a new full featured boot loader called Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL). It looks promising for all of us dual booters. Best of all. Its free.

    The description:
    "Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) is a full-featured, free boot manager with an, easy-to-use graphical user interface with mouse and keyboard support. XOSL supports up to 24 boot items, as well as automatic booting and password protected boots. Additional features include Hotkey per boot item, Master boot record virus protection, drive swapping, co-existence with other boot managers and more. You have to create a dedicated partition before installing boot manager - this is not a toy, that you play around with, but a serious system tool, intended for advanced users. "

    The developers web site:
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    Looks like quite a handy little tool, although I'm already using LILO....where are these things when ya need 'em?

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