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Thread: Will u help me ??

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    Question Will u help me ??

    i have one problem ,when i scan my system with Inaculate Antivirus Software it shows ur MBR template is not matched it is infected by WYX boot virus . is it possible to remove this problem ? i don't want to format my pc. even there is Boot virus, my PC is still in working condition ...
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    I suggest that you disable the Inaculate antivirus and surf to, have yourself scanned online for free or downlaod their fix for WYX.
    It could be that inoculate detects changes in your MBR and thinks it´s a virus.
    Let me know how it worked out.

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    yes i agree with Focmaester .. norton's antivirus is a very good tool .. and get your pc scanned .. and if possible install one for your pc. norton's gives an option to upgrade your antivirus almost every two days.. form their site ... hence u will be updated against any new virus comming in...

    and believe me it works... really good...
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    A little info from F-Secure

    As you can see from reading the above link, the WYX boot virus doesn't actually do anything....
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    another simple way of get rid from this virus is that go to command prompt and do a fdisk/mbr.
    do it only if u have no other O.S. lioke linux etc installed.......

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    if you are running windows 2k, you can also just use the fixboot cmd.

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    I would really suggest doing somthing to stop the virus from spreeding and make sure you clean the MBR on the floopies or thrown them out,

    else they will reinfect your system,
    just think of it as good practice with a MRB virus,
    I had one drop 1 system on the network and infect a few others,
    it was not fun.

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    You need to boot from a KNOWN GOOD floppy disk
    that is WRITE PROTECTED. Have a copy of FDISK.EXE
    on the floppy. From the dos prompt A:>
    issue the command FDISK/MBR.

    If you don't boot from a clean floppy, the virus remains
    active and will re-infect the drive.
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    Thanks to all .. i went to Inaculate web site and downloaded WYX.EXE file to disinfect the virus . and used boot disk to replace MBR.

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