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Thread: Idea for Website

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    Lightbulb Idea for Website

    I noticed that often Antionline has trouble with plaigraism.

    Perhaps in the "Post New Thread" and "Post Reply", there could be an option to cite your source.

    Just a thought
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    This should be posted under Site Suggestion not General Chit Chat

    Most people who take info from other sources normally give credit where its due at the bottom or top of the paste but every so often people try to pass it as thier own work and 99% of the time get caught for it by senior members. I always give credit to post i make from other sites because itd be wrong not to. If someone is going to take credit for others work let them try... they will get caught by the smarter users and praised by the not as smart or gulable users.

    so in my opinion we do not need this function cause it serves no real purpose but thats just for me.

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    Actually, most of a time a post that doesn't give credit to it's source, it just means the member was lazy/got it form e-mail and didn't know the source. I, also, tend to post my sources, as I really don't like people mistaking someone else's work for mine.
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