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Thread: AntiPoints / AO newbies / ideas

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    AntiPoints / AO newbies / ideas

    Now we all know people like i am a cracker and lovable are a problem.. i wont include oblio in this list because SOMETIMES but not very often he gives in a GOOD post.. cracker and lovable probly became a problem for me around the same time ;x i think its a conspiracy to piss us off. When people have like 300 negative points wen they give negative points and have over like 150 post do thier points accually count for sumthing or no? if they do i think thats crap...

    i think negative points should only be able to be given out if the person has over 100 positive points and till then they should only have the ability to give out positive points. It will keep people who are not well respected at all from doing more stupid stuff like cracker and others... today cracker gave me negative points because of my post against him but it didnt count for anything.

    the way i see it is JP should just keep killing thier accounts so they gotta keep makin new email addresses and new AO accounts with a clean slate.. sooner or later they will get the point that this will not stop and just leave or keep doing it. As long as they are labled AO newbie they wont be able to effect our point system by giving out negative points because they wont count for anything being the newbies they are...

    ----------------------------------- This is just a idea keep in mind -----------------------------------
    [evil idea] Then i think JP should give us a little fun by posting THE FIRST email address these guys used cause its most likely thier real one.. Then also post logs (if any) of thier host/ip so that we can start notifying thier ISPs for some things they did that goes against the ISPs TOS such as making threats to hack people *i am a cracker* or maybe find some housing info and mail i am a cracker's parents and tell them about this little porn site he wanted to start... he may say hes 23 or sum crap but its pretty obvious hes around the age of 13. [/evil idea]
    ----------------------------------- This is just a idea keep in mind -----------------------------------

    thats just my ideas though and id love to hear others ideas on this subject.. i know this has been talked about alot but with people like this it really just brings down my opinions if we could ever have.. in ennis's words
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    The number of antipoints a person gives out is based on their current antipoint total. A person with only 50 antipoints will probably only give out 2 or 3 points at a time. While someone with over 600 (like NetSyn) will give out 20 or so at a time. I believe that the starting point is something like 10 or 15 antipoints. If you are under that, you give out a grey dot. I am not positive about the exact numbers, but this is the general idea.
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    We have some pretty complex algos. in place that determine how much "punch" a user's antipoint assignment packs. I'll leave it at that

    If you want to know more in-depth, check out some of the other threads on this topic.

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