Here follows what happened to me last night, although it's a pretty normal scene:

1) Come home from work, and log on with my POWERFUL 56K Modem. (Oh, yeah! Dialup is the way to go... hah!)
2) Check the threads on AntiOnline, and see what new negative points I've received (I'm just not that popular nowadays)
3) Play several games of StarCraft with my clan buddies, which we win. (Not bragging - just the truth.)
4) Finish up, and check my firewall - find one lamer who's terminal identifies itself as NicRules trying to find an open trojan port on my system.
5) Open system scanner, and scan his comp, which doesn't bother to disguise itself in the least.
6) Watch all of his details disappear from my firewall as he scrambles for the reset button, realizing that as a poor scr1pt k1dd13 he's in real trouble - not that he actually is, all I'm doing is scanning his system, but he doesn't know that

I think that the scr1pt k1dd13s are sort of cute when they do things like this