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Thread: problems with redirect after login

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    problems with redirect after login

    Hi there, I don't seem to be able to download anything because every time I go and click on something, the login screen comes up. I log in, it's happy with that, but then I get redirected to the page I was on before (saying I have to log in to download this file or whatever).
    I've got cookies on and all that, using IE5.

    anyone any clues how to fix this?


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    Is this happening at one single site, or every site? Could be a problem with the remote machine. If it is happening at every site, then it is your puter having problems.

    Also, you say "download". Does this only happen when you try and download something, or after you log in to a site and click on any link?
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    What OS are you using?
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    oops, sorry should have clarified that a bit- I'm referring to this site- in the downloads section.

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    I do not completely understand the problem, can you please elaborate a little bit more.
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    If I was you, I'll realy double check my security setting. If you're sure that the cookie are accept, you can try to put in your Trusted Site Security Zone. You can also check if you're cookie doesn't get delete by a program (The Cookie should be name . If all that do not work, I cannot help you. Sorry. I can only hope that someone who know more in cookie/authenfication stuff help you.

    Having your OS could realy help.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Hi there, seems to all be working today- very strange. Thanks for your help though.


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    From the logs, it looks like it was a cookie problem on your end.

    thread closed.

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