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Thread: port scanned my friend's setup and ISP contacted me (question)

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    port scanned my friend's setup and ISP contacted me (question)

    anyone else have experience like this:

    wanted to test out my friend's setup with his authorization
    so i port scanned his net
    my isp time warner rr called me and gave me a "warning"

    anyone else?


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    I'm on ATT and I port scan my friends all the time. I have flooded them too, but I do get authorization scan from their security.

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    Nope. I'd just send them all the info and a copy of his letter of authorization, then I'd tell them to take their warning and get the idea.

    I overpay for their service so I'm not to inclined to listen to what they have to say. The customer is always right, you need to remind them of that....
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    Portscanning itself isn't illegal, so f*** 'em.

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    Do not worry about it, all that your ISP is doing is reminding you that they are playing big brother for you. But I would, if I were you, reread the acceptable user policy from your ISP. It depends on what they do and how you signed up with them. They may be able to terminate your account and or fine you for any activity that they deam irresponsible. So, take a look at your policy agreement. Just to be cautios.
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    3ntropy has the right idea. Your ISP can and likely will cancel your account for doing stuff outside the AUP.
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    My ISP just disconnects me whenever I run a port scan. No warning......they just boot me.

    After countless abusive emails they pointed out that in the contract I clicked "I Accept" on it points out that all users running port scans will be disconnected. The way they see it is anyone running a port scan is up to no good.........

    At the time I was using the NetBus server to scan for vulnerable machines with Patch.exe in this instance they were quite correct. Truth is, I still don't really see NetBus as a malicious hacking tool but rather a gross invasion of privacy and a real pain in the ass...

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    It sucks, but it's true - if you accept the terms of the policy agreement, then you are held to those terms. If the ISP explicitly mentions port scanning will not be tolerated, then they have their rights to take the needed measures. While we all know it's not really fair, it is a binding agreement. While I've never had problems with my ISP because of port scans, I do know of others who have.
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    just get a port scaner that slowly scans...their software will have no idea that you are portscanning if you set the delay long enough

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