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Thread: Invaluable trojan detection.....

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    Thumbs up Invaluable trojan detection.....

    Here is a site that offers a 30 day trial of "BoDetect".....which detects trojans and destroys them even when they are up and running.

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    Here is an all in one trojan scanner thats free. It has other functions as well. Suchas running processes etc... Best of all though, it's free.
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    The only problem with trojan scanner from this site is the creator is not doing any more updates to it other than that it is real easy to use.other then that it does deserve a

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    Angry Stupid ass

    Well now, some ignorant little kid sent me a bunch of negative points for this saying it only blocks bo2k. Well little boy, read on......stupid ass it says sub7, etc. are included. That was very brave of you to talk so much **** and not sign it.....hahahahaaaa.....pathetic.

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    Talking LOL.......

    As a matter of fact, I went back to the site and found that the "trojans" that are "detected" as well as "deleted" are as follows :

    BackOrifice2000 (all variations)
    SubSeven (16 different variations)
    PrettyPark Internet Worm
    Hack Attack
    BackOrifice (6 different variations)
    Netbus (7 different variations)
    DeepThroat (7 different variations)
    Sk Silencer
    Attack FTP
    WebEx (2 different variations)
    AOL Trojan

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    two of the best tools for scanning and preventing trojans are:

    both can be found here:
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    haven't tried jammer.. but I do like tauscan

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