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Thread: Help!!!!

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    look at my homepage!!!

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    The links are dead. Your redirect service at is not so good. It's not redirecting to your pages at It may be down temporarly, or China don't want you posting security devices from the country. They may be on to you dude. Look out your window...........
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    links work ok for me. site looks good

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    I agree with Apocalypse... links are dead. Sorry buddy, but you may wanna downplay your computer life for a little while...

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    i can't see what's wrong with ur site except for the links ... and it was like this from the begining ...from ur first post wanning ...!

    but i wonder ... why ur post here has been rated with lots of neg. points !!!!
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    [sarcasm]Hmmmmmm another intresting and informative post from nakoka - well done I can't wait for your next thread they always have me on the edge of my seat........keep it up we can all learn so much from your posts[/sarcasm]


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