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Thread: Problem with sshd

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    Problem with sshd

    I recently installed ssh.3.x.yada.yada-something on my debian-box and everything works fine except for one thing.

    When I ssh to this box I get a logon screen. No matter how I authenticate I get "Access Denied". I guess there is something in some config-file causeing this but I can't figure it out and the man pages on sshd doesn't make me any smarter.


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    Did you kill the all of the older ssh stuff?

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    its possible that the old stuff wasn't removed and is still running.
    Other possibilities could be PAM limits . come into IRC and we'll get it figured out.
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    First you'd better start the sshd daemon whith -d flag so you can see the debug info output on the terminal - this will show where exactly your problem is. But if you are talking about latest openssh version I suspect that the problem is in the key-interactive failiure so for me the descision of the problem was configure with --with-md5-passwods.

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