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Thread: Irc

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    Question Irc

    Could someone tell me where to get the best IRC client available? Also, l'd like to hear some advice about using it. That is, by using it are you making yourself vulnerable to any kinds of hacks. What are the "ins" and "outs" of it? Thanks for your info!
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    Making use of an extra protocol, like IRC, always comes with an increase in security risks. And the best IRC client, well, that's a matter of opinion - otherwise, we would all use the same client, wouldn't we?

    Personally, I stick to mIRC. It has cons, it has pro's, but it works for me. It's well documented, so new users shouldn't be having to much trouble using it.

    After all, it's just chatting - how advanced or exotic should your program really have to be?
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    I like BitchX, it's sweet and simple.
    It's console based, so no GUI.
    It is avaible for all platforms and operating systems.
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    Depends on your OS. For windows, use mIRC ( For linux, there are a lot of choices. Xchat, bitchX, ksirc, etc etc. It all depends on personal preferance. Do you want gui or cli? How configurable do you want it? There are also some cross platform clients (like bitchX). Then there are the multi-purpose programs like Trillian, which does IRC, AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo (I think, don't use it. AIM may be in there also). There are pros and cons to just about every single client. I change depending on what computer I am using, and my mood at the time.

    Yes, you are making yourself vulnerable to hacks. Then again, you turn on your computer and log into the internet, so you are already making yourself vulnerable to hacks. If you keep an eye on the programs site, you should be ok. Most vendors post patches or upgrades as soon as a vuln in their softwear is discovered. The biggest "opening" is with DCC. It gives you a direct connection to another persons machine, so that person is able to obtain your IP address. As long as your system is secured though, you should be all right.
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    I too like BitchX alot. If you're not bothered by console programs I'd definatly say it's the best client.

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    Well, like souleman said, if you have Windows, you don't really have much choice IMO, you have to go with mIRC.

    If you run linux though, I would highly recommend xchat. BitchX for me just does not have enough features.

    And by the way, please do not run your irc client as root

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    hmm I use mIRC.. main reason is because i can script it.. i can make it look what i want, do what i want, fully personalize it..

    Oh btw.. you can also use Pirch for windows and there is also a BitchX and XChat for windows.. i just dun remember where i found them..

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    good old irc. yes, there are security concerns man, like any chat protocol. using a wall while on irc is very important. irc has quite a few script kiddies on there that have scripts and such to scan your ports for lame trojans like sub7 the minute you enter a chan, or to try and automaticly dcc send you virus. although most popular servers like dalnet try to protect there users from files with unusual extensions, there is still some concern. never accept something from someone you do not know and trust. that is the most basic yet important advice i can give.
    as far as clients go, there are literally thousands out there to choose from. however, most of them are just overloaded with unneeded shite. one reason why i only use irc when i have the urge to chat is that you can keep it simple, or make it as complex as you want. i use mirc because i script with it. in one of my experiments i scripted, i made it so i could close and or monitor certain ports with a single command. almost like a built in firewall. i had fun confusing the hell out of some script kiddies with that. on linux or my freebsd box, i usually stick with xchat client when i am in the kde environment, and just the plain ircii client when i am in the console. irc can be fun, and very usefull for many different things man. enjoy, just watch your ass. this is not aol chat we are talking about here.

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    I like mIRC, it's so mutch fun to script it, and it's simple, as for security......
    * Don't accsept any thing you didn't ask for...
    * DOn't start dising random ppl

    Follow these, and Anonimety will be you security......Not water proof, but you don't wanna stick out like a turd on a pool-table...

    ne ways....
    Have FUN!!
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    My advice is to use xchat on linux. You can change your ctcp replies to say you are using mIRC or any irc client, or just make one up. This way the people who think they can hack you will think you are on windows. Nice little trick.
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