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Thread: **Tutorial On Questions By Newbies**

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    Post **Tutorial On Questions By Newbies**

    This is a simple tutorial we should ALL know..

    What tutorial is this u may ask... well its is the tutorial of how to find stuff u want to know

    So often i get asked questions like "What is the command in MS-DOS to make a folder"
    i simply laugh at the ignorance of this question...
    If you dont know sumthing why dont you try and find out the answer for urself rather then wasteing your time asking random people you know?

    it just pisses me off that people have yet to figure out how to search for things...

    In the computer class i tech service at there are a bunch of kids that dont know this easy kinda stuff..

    they will have a word document that has listed works and ask you to define them...

    easy things like IP and FTP or even OS... needless to say the kids stress over this test and spend over 40 mins trying to find the answers and come up with crap thats usually not releated to computers at all because they just dont know how to search

    So here it is... the tutorial on how to find everything u want to know

    STEP 1.
    Know what you want to find..

    STEP 2.
    Phrase what you want to find in as little words as possible without using common words like "i" "of" "a" ect ect..

    STEP 3.
    load your internet browser

    STEP 4.
    Go to the URL bar and type Http://

    STEP 5.
    Type what you want to find such as "quake 3 download warez" or "free essays The Revolution" or even "what does the word IP mean"

    STEP 6.
    Look at the results and read the descriptions and find the one that seems to best suit what you are looking for

    STEP 7.
    If you didnt find what you are looking for try to rephrase what you were looking for using diferent words

    If this did not work for you then what you are looking for is probly not a very basic subject even for the internet to have...

    On antionline's IRC server a newbie asked a question which i forget what it was but it was something on the lines of "what type of clients can i use to search news groups" I told him to search google and he asked why couldnt i just tell him the answer instead... i told him that if he doesnt learn how to do things on his own hes really not learning anything by asking this question..

    I basicly told him almost every question he could ask can be answered by using google

    well needless to say he became a smart ass and said "heh well then why do we have toe nails?"

    well i used google and typed "Why do we have toe nails"

    the very first result was from

    and stated According to the online encyclopedia, the human and primate nail corresponds to the claw, hoof, or talon of other animals. Human nails protect the tips of the toes and fingers, while fingernails help us pick up small objects and scratch ourselves

    Well thank you for reading my tutorial and i hope u can pass it along to the next person that ask you a question you honestly dont feel like wasteing your time answering...

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    hah nice!

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    Only if youre loaded mind but hey you want results ya gotta pay!

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    heh maybe we should ask JP to include another button on the reply form that automaticaly inserts a link to google - the amount of times I have directed peps to there already is amazing


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    Personally I like ennis tutorial a lot better he pays a lot more attention to detail you the man Ennis!

    Your is kool but his is better!

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    I'm in awe of the Amazind Search Tutorial....
    Nice post.... this might get ppl to stop asking.......

    - Noia
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    Thumbs up

    Kids these days!!! Nicely put NetSyN.

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    All hail, all hail. Bow down before the Google gods........

    Google is by far the best search engine thats out there. If you can't find it on google. It must not be real...LOL
    Another fairly good metasearch engine is: .
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    Thanks NetSyn!

    Personally, I've gone to the next level of Googleness ... the toolbar! And editing the registry to make Google my default search as well ....

    But enough of that ....

    Nice tutorial!


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    nice post but i prefer
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