Right now i have one server running linux mandrake and the mosex parrellel processing software, and three other pII 350's with linksys lne100tx nic cards and the boot rom chip installed.

I want to try running this in a windows setting so i am wondering if anyone knows of softeware similar to mosex that runs on windows 2000 advanced server. I know the os itself can handle mulitple processors but the way mosex works it all looks like one processor any way, so technically if i could find really good software i could run it on a win98 box. So if anyone has any information on parrellel processing on a windows boxes i would be greatly appreciated, hopefully somthing using my exisitng setup just changing over the server.

i am also looking in to adding more computers with out adding more boot rom chips on the cards, just a side thought to think about if u've done it

Thankyou everyoneone in advance for you help

p.s. if anyone needs help setting up under mosex, i'd be more than happy to help, i was lucky enough to have no problems when i set mine.