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Thread: prayers for Remote_Access

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    Unhappy prayers for Remote_Access

    I won't be on till I thought I'd just say it now,

    I think pretty much everyone on AO can agree that the leaving of Remote_Access would suck for all of I'd just like to say my hopes and prayers are with you for tomorrow
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    didn't know about his departure .... to where ( a place with no net connection ?)
    anyways he is a loss for all of us
    gl ra
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Greetz everyone..
    I'd just like to thank all of you for your support, thoughts, and prayers through all of this.
    It is appreciated. I just called the court house to make sure that it's still on for tommorow &
    guess what?.. They've moved the date yet again. This could prove to be a good thing. They also said that they aren't pressing any charges at the moment. If they don't press charges then I'll be able to sue for taking my car and arresting me. The procedures that they took during the arrest was messed up beyond belief. Wish me luck..


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    Good luck. Give 'em hell!
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    it's funny how you speak out against hackers who complain that their crimes do not warrant criminal charges and yet you say prayers to someone who helps finance organized crime.

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    As usual, oblio, you fail to grasp the whole of the situation. People support RA because he is respected, and a friend, and none of us want to see him go. I don't approve of his actions leading up to arrest (you already know how I feel about drugs) but that doesn't mean that I wish bad things upon him, because he is a great person. You see, oblio, that's what friends do.


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    it's funny how you speak out against hackers who complain that their crimes do not warrant criminal charges
    - Do you mind showing me where I speak out against hackers and complain about their crimes and criminal charges?

    you say prayers to someone who helps finance organized crime.
    - If you would have read my previous post you would have realized that I no longer engage in such activities. Do some research before you make such accuisations.


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    he should go to jail because he is a criminal not because he is a complete idiot. maybe with him gone, you cluebies can go to google and search for your own obsolete information.

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    learn to spell idiot -> "accuisations".

    and I was not talking to you.

    oh and you no longer do it? ya man 3 weeks clean and you're there! tell that to a heroin addict.

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    Oblidy...Shut up....
    Remote_Accsess, U'v got my suport, althoug that isn't saying mutch....

    As (Cant remember again) said " Give em' Hell"
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