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Thread: Water cooled laptop from Hitachi

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    Water cooled laptop from Hitachi

    Interesting. Since I know many people here are interested in water-cooling their systems. Here, let Hitachi do it for your laptop.,00.asp

    Do you think it will sink or swim?
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    2002 must be the year of watercooling.

    First Harley Davidson comes out with a watercooled motorcycle (the VROD).
    Now Hitachi comes out with a watercooled laptop.

    KorpDeath> Just to warn you, the next line is me being a smart ass again
    Who wants to come out with a water cooled palmtop? Or a water cooled cooling system?
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    good post Korp. I accidently water cooled a cell phone once. Umm, I won't say how but I can assure you it was not having heat problems after that.

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    Thats funny Gold eagel....This spoilt idiot in my class did that once, with his brand new fone.... (He'd been talking about it for ages....). It still brings a smile to my face.....

    Just wondering but, if a prossesof was made with holes in it( only so that water could pass really near but not over the Silicon) then the water cooling would be increased imensly, so would the size of the Chip, but that could be changed at a l8r date.......

    Rerally interesting how Tech's keep developing....
    I'm still w8ing for the Pressurized Gas cooler.....

    - Noia
    PS: Nice post...
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    Actually, you could have a water cooled cooling system: A 2 stage one, or use the water cooling to cool the pump.
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