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Thread: Arg not another antipoint post >_<;

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    Arg not another antipoint post >_<;

    Wait don't flame me yet I ain't complaining about the system I think it works fine I was just wondering is anyone else suffering the same prob as me when assigning antipoints? Every time i try to assign a point and hit the add antipoints button it tells me
    The page cannot be displayed
    but if I right click in the window and hit back then try it again it works

    I know it ain't a major thing but I was just worrying about like double sending by accident



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    sometimes i have similer problems

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    hmm i dont know why your having thing problem but some other members might know or have had it and fixed it before

    but dont worry bout double sending , your second send will not count and will usually tell you it doesnt... but i wouldnt worry 2 much bout that fact but more of if your points are going threw

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    I used to have that problem in Opera. Had it with a lot of cgi Post commands. Not sure why though. Never had that problem in IE or Netscape though....
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    You do not really have to worry too much about that bug, if it even is with antionline, and not on your box, Because JP has made it so that you can give points twice to the same post. So do not worry about double pointing a post. It won't allow you. As for fixing the bug or more info on it, sorry I cannot help there.
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    But i have this problem.

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    Thanx for the info peps


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    I have the same problem now and then, not only with the "Assign AP". Maybe this will be because of a timeout in the web browser..

    Im not sure but its aint happen that often to me that I should consider it to be a problem .

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    I'm running Opera and I've never got one of those errors. Maybe just sometimes when too many people are trying to send AntiPoints across...I dunno...couldn't thing of anything else.

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    it happened twice not more with me .. so i think it's a run time error .. not more.! maybe !
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