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Thread: Some control needed

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    Some control needed

    We may agree that authority restricts us all a little but sometimes it is required.

    Im sure JP works a lot modding the forums and deleting the odd user when required but surely he cant do it all!

    My suggestions for good behaviour are

    • Moderators for certain forums.
      Now I believe JP should choose these, it is after all his site, Negative does a great job in the Tutorials section so why not extend it to other users. I believe General Chit and Newbie forums should have moderators, the rest would be optional.
      Powers should simply be ability to close threads and reasons must be given why. Mods could not ban people, have any extra ap status etc. and with JP s permission be able to move threads etc.
      So my first suggestion is moderators for The General Chit Chat Forum and the Newbie Forum.

    • Awards for excellent contributions

    Now this is a new idea, simply put anybody that helps out constantly should be given an award by a Mod etc. or Jp himself. The award could be a number and the more you have the better the posts will be surely as people hope to get more awards. This means no spiteful AP or cheating!
    Although I believe the two would work together.

    So thats it, any improvement ideas welcome and Jp I hope you respond and consider.

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    Oct 2001
    I understand why some people might want this but do we really want a moderated forum? Moderation is another word for censorship. I think we've got enough censorship in our daily loves without bringing it to AO.

    Another point worth noting is that, the stupid threads that are appearing are usually posted by the same group of people. I'll stick with my ignore button for now .
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    Hey thanks for the input smirc, however the votes seem to be in favour of moderation.

    Its not censorship, mods would work with the people and can only close threads plus if a mod abuses the systme JP takes away their status which Im sure they wouldnt like!

    Anyway only responsble helpful people whove been here ages would be mods anyway.

    Anyway ignore works but sometimes itd be nice to have people keeping things clean for the community.

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    Nov 2001
    cmnoop -

    Nice Idea, but I think that I am perfectly capable of wading thru the nonsense that some persons (no know you are, even if you keep chaning handles) seem to I think this would just serve to encourage ego wars...
    - Jimmy Mac

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    I'm just happy with the way it is. I don't see what the problem is with stupid posts in the general chit chat forum is because it's just that general chit chat. Who cares if people put stupid things in there that's why it was made. I am open to new ideas though.

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    Nov 2001
    i think everyone has a right to post what they want. you may think the thread is stupid (and everyone else agrees with you) but i believe in freedom of speech. the only thing i think that mods should do is possible close threads that are eternally inactive. cause sometimes i get points or comments about threads that are 3 months old and i may not even think what i said anymore.

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    Jan 2002
    Time to add my 2 cents ...

    While some moderation could be useful in some forums, I don't think the General Chit Chat should be moderated, exactly because of its name, it's Chit Chat.

    However, it could be useful if some threads could be closed down sooner occasionally. So maybe it would be useful to have some people with the power to close down threads.



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    Actually I just noticed there is a mod now in General Chit Chat so Im happy, and thanks JP for implementing some control on the forums.

    p.s. its the anti-flame guy so we should see less crap

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    Nov 2001
    p.s. its the anti-flame guy so we should see less crap
    he believes in freedom of speech as well though... he'll just make sure it isn't out of hand

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    Originally posted here by cmnoop
    Actually I just noticed there is a mod now in General Chit Chat
    Who's the Mod??


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