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Thread: MS Security Kit & Other Resources

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    Exclamation MS Security Kit & Other Resources

    Just as a reference. I will post the links to the MS Security Toolkit, MS Online Security Scanner, and the MS Always on Security Recomendations. I received some requests for these. Since it has been some time since I posted them and its a long time burried thread. I'll post it again for the bennifit of all.

    Microsoft Security Toolkit:

    Microsoft Personal Security Scanner:

    MS Protect Yourself Online (For cable and DSL)

    I hope this helps ome of you to find what you need. The toolkit is FREE. No shipping charges or delivery at all. Order it while you can. It has some nice tools for admins on it.
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    Link that are always useful to have in your bookmark!

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    Just a point of reference. I ordered the security kit a while ago on CD. When it arrived, Numerous patches had been released posthumously. SO just make sure if you use the security kit, keep in mind that it is outdated.

    the MPSA is a nice tool(it was made by someone else..heh) it checks your system based on the hotfixes and gives you a link to each hotfix and patch.
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    Another good post {P2P}.

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    thank you for the post man. just ordered a copy for my work. never new that it was free.

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