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Thread: Free Network Scanning & Penetration White Papers Available

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    Free Network Scanning & Penetration White Papers Available

    Hi all,

    Matta is proud to announce the release of a selection of technical white papers and guides, covering network scanning, attack & penetration, denial of service and wireless security..

    Check out the training section of our website for more info, which contains links to the PDF and PPT documents near the bottom of the page -

    We have attached our introduction to Internet Attack & Penetration here. Although AntiOnline won't let us upload it as a .pdf document, so we've zipped it :-)


    The Matta A&P Team

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    I think this smells of SPAM and as you've posted multiple times, I'm taking this opportunity of adding this reply to all your threads (on this topic) to drop them off an unanswered post search.

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