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Thread: Article: Microsoft Casts Hackers As 'Baddies'

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    Article: Microsoft Casts Hackers As 'Baddies'

    Read it here
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    They have the nerve to say that the only reason Micro$oft products suck is because of hackers!!!
    Well his is why i don't use Micro$oft stuff.....Because it blames everything and everyone else for its crappy products.

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    This time M$ has gone too far...
    Blaming US for the BUGS IN THEIR PRODUCTS??
    MORONS! UTTER, STUPID, FLAMING, MORONS!!! *rips out a portion of his hair*

    This rant brought to you by:


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    M$ is such a boner, I personally liked the whole "lets relate it to the Sept. 11 attacks to really boost the public's view on hackers". It is major league propaganda like that, that gives hard working hackers/programmers the same rap as some silly cracker. They need to be stoped, and soon.
    Maybe we should exploit their idiot programmers for making it so easy, post in some newspapers about how much M$ is slacking off and still overcharging for crap in a box. Then see how they feel.

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    Like I've said before " the only way microsoft will pay attention to the public ( us ) is if we as a whole
    stop buying thier software " . You can complain all you want but the bottom line is that with all you know
    about microsoft and its less than average software coding,if you keep on spending your money with them
    and by this I mean all M$ products even X-box,then you are part of the problem because you are helping them stay in buisness.

    The only way Bill Gates and co. will listen is if the public protests by boycotting all its software.
    when Bill Gates see that his precious sales are down almost nil then I bet he will start to make serious
    changes in the way his company makes and distributes its products.
    As long as people keep buying M$ products even with all its flaws then Bill Gates and co. really doesn't have an incentive to make "real change".


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    *(strokes his gun)* Anyone know where Microsoft’s head quarters are?

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    Another Lame Point for bill and M$ hahahahahaha!

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    Originally posted here by guerrillase7en
    *(strokes his gun)* Anyone know where Microsoft’s head quarters are?
    Right now? Up their hind quarters.

    Sorry, I couldn't pass it up.


    That's stupid!

    Hardware specs have NOTHING to do with the problems that they're facing. What's happening is Microsoft is trying to justify their more-than-average buggy code. Even if it ISN'T more than average, just more scrutinized, then the scrutiny is justified because of the integral nature of an operating system.

    Writing bad code and using bad logic in a software package is pretty independent of whether this suggested kid is running a 2.2 ghz box. People not upgrading Windows 95, I can understand... but on the flip side, they have to pay to upgrade to that degree. That's where MS has a problem in their reasoning. Don't blame people for running an old system that they must pay money to upgrade to something more secure...

    M$ should CONTINUE to roll out free patches for Windows 95 if they truly care about the security of the product, and not about people upgrading and paying them money. (I understand that they are a company, and thus need income, but I think my point still stands.)
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    I would like to make Bill's computer completely secure by shoving it up his ass where no-one would be able to get it


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    I would like to make Bill's computer completely secure by shoving it up his ass where no-one would be able to get it

    Actually ... he probably has a wireless network interface (not encrypted of course) and a wireless keyboard and mouse, so it still wouldn't be safe


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