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Thread: Good-Bye AO From NetSyN

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2002

    Unhappy Good-Bye AO From NetSyN

    I have been using AO for a long time but never really took much intrest in going to the fourms till they removed the news. I joined AO for a while and didnt really come here much and lost my sign in name so i made a new one almost 2 months ago and have made over 150 post and in my time had 6 green boxs and ect.

    I met many good people like
    ennis whos danceing avatar is fun to watch and post as fun to read.
    Remote_Access_ who was the first person i accually really talked to on
    JParker[] who though can be a total dick head is almost as smart as he thinks himself to be
    chsh who thought i didnt personly like and i gave a hard time to and got returned the same favor he really isnt as bad as i thought him to be... i was just being a ass to him
    Techie Chick who i didnt really get to know nor do i honestly really like her views because she seems to think everything that happens she understands completly and always knows the truth which is just not true
    oblio i really didnt like some of ur views but u are belive it or not a smart person.. i just wish ud start helping more then hurting
    JP i would like to say good things about.. but all i can say really is that he runs a nice site because i never really talked to him on a personal level
    halo who was probly the only one that accually tryed to get me to stay on AO
    Dr_Toker who i didnt not know beyond the fourms always seemed to have his head in a cloud (of smoke) still gives sumthing to AO that not many do.. and thats style

    Many people i will miss hearing and i will pop in to read the responses to this thread and maybe responde one last time to you guys... but after that i doubt i will or even should come back.. i just dont think i really gave anything to AO that isnt already here..

    farewell to all of Anti Online and good luck..

    [shadow]i have a herd of 1337 sheep[/shadow]
    Worth should be judged on quality... Not apperance... Anyone can sell you **** inside a pretty box.. The only real gift then is the box..

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    AntiOnline Senior Member
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    Oct 2001
    Just curious... Why are you leaving?
    [shadow]uraloony, Founder of Loony Services[/shadow]
    Visit us at

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2001
    sorry to hear you are leaving man... you will be missed... but y you going?
    Learn like you are going to live forever, live like you are going to die tomorrow.


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    AntiOnline Jr. Member
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    Feb 2002
    netsyn the stuff between us forget it
    if u look i had given ao points to your valid points
    ao members please dont punish him with neg points
    i forgive and forget so could u
    netsyn i dont dislike u
    there was a quote iread and its so true
    friends come and go
    enemies accumulate
    instead of giving the negpoints you would have given to him give to me instead of giving them to netsyn

    netsyn by the way on your poll i voted yes

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    Senior Member linuxcomando's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    Too bad to see you go dude. Just remember one thing
    Unix Live Free or Die!
    if you remember this everything will work out!

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2001
    No, NetSyn! "Say it ain't so!"
    Without you, who will bash the scr1pt k1dd13s?
    Who will tell me when I'm wrong without using four-letter words?
    What will we ever do without you!
    You're the first person who ever responded to one of my posts... you bet I'll miss you man - you always had something intelligent to say.
    But, if I can't convince you to stay (and I hope that I can!)...

    Good luck in life, and may your rice never stick.


    Pierce me with steel, rend me with claw and fang; as I die, a legend is born for another generation to follow.
    An\' it harm none, do as ye will. - Wiccan Rede

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    See ya in a few.
    He'll be back, they always come back.
    Even if they never sign in again, make a post, or visit IRC..
    they always come back. If it's to read the front page,
    check PMs, it's always something...
    Till then, take care NetSyn.


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    Senior Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    i cant say that i'll miss you because i don't know too much about you and your postings.
    anyway if i read your decision i don't understand told you met good guys with good postings like ennis,remote_access then:KEEP GOING AND STAY HERE.
    the reason for me to visit these site and to post is:
    i'll learn ,give my knowledge to other and doesn't matter that somebody gives me negativ antipoints.
    these forums live from ppl like you,ennis,matty_cross...and so on
    leaving is the wrong decision!!!

    sorry for all the names that i've forgotten!!
    the only thing that doesn\'t change is everything will always change.

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    Senior Member
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    Dec 2001
    You will be missed.

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    i hate posts like this. Netsyn, this is obviously an ego boosting post. are you not secure enough to leave antionline without knowing if people cared that you were ever here? do you think people will take a minute out of their lives every feb 27 to remember your departure?

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