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Thread: Outlook Worm

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    Outlook Worm

    Maybe this has been thought of, maybe this is a stupid idea, maybe its impossible or maybe its pure genious.

    What i am wondering is can it be possible to make a worm and to start of infect all the people you know with it (just to get it out there and propegating). The purpouse of the worm would be to go and automatically download off of the web all of the outlook patches and get them installed into outlook to once and forall clear up these outlook vulnerabilities because no one ever wants to spend the 10 min if that to download the patches for outlook. The worm would only affect people that dont have the patch and would not cause harm to the computer. Before it patches it though it would go threw and send mail to everyone in the address book so eventually *maybe* evryone will get the patches for outlook and stop sending these damn worms everywhere.. Once it sends out the worm to others and then it goes threw patches outlook and then just chills there dormant.

    Like i said maybe this is jackass idea and would never work but its just something that i thought of last nights

    any thoughts?
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    well snce it would technically be illegal... besides, it wouldn't work, cause even if everyone got all the current patches a new worm will come out to exploit yet another whole in outlook's security (the number of them is infinite). so you wuold need a new version every couple of months. (prolly more like every month) it's not worth the effort. also, that is why microsoft made XP automatically update so that stupid people and people with out any knowledge don't miss the patches.
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