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Thread: HELP..i have a problem need info

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    Unhappy thanks alot doesn't make me feel any better though


    i think i'm gonna get yelled at.

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    this isn't a girlfriend issue I hope it is it ??
    if so, I know how you feel.
    But no worries, unless you sent someone else's credit card info, no one will care, and it shouldn't be a problem
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    I badmouthed the administrator of that network...hahahhaa

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    i have one word for you man. ENCRYPTION!!! email is NEVER safe. people who provide you emails services can access it or sniff it, as well as the people on the side that you are sending it to. email is not the wisest form of secure communication to choose. encryption helps a fair bit though, that is for sure. also, you never know how secure the parties pc is that will retrive your message. it could be sitting in their mailbox wide open for anyone that has access to that pc to find.

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    Also something that nobody has addressed. . if the administrator has setup a "catchall" account on the mail server. that means that any email sent to anybody on that domain, in this case, then it will automatically go to the "catchall" account that is usually forwarded to a domain admin or so sort of supervisor of that company domain.

    Remember if you don't want anybody to see it encript it.

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    I agree with souleman on this one - since you never received an undeliverable message, someone more than likely did receive that message - not your intended target, but someone with a valid email address under the name you incorrectly typed in.
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