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Thread: Pretty usefull aplication - Check it Admins

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    Exclamation Pretty usefull aplication - Check it Admins

    Hey guys -

    Download this file

    This ZIP file contains an application that will check your NT - w2000 system and will tell you which patches you are missing.
    Unzip it into a folder ....
    run the app from the command prompt ,

    Read the Readme.txt for the different commands,
    it has a -b property that will give you the missing patches related to security.

    Worked excellent .... i think its a must have for every admin that has some nt - w2000 boxes under his command.

    Please let me know if it was usefull.

    Take Care

    and remember -- the road to hell is paved with good intentions

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    Umm, Microsoft has a tool called hfNetCheck, that is available for free download at: which does the exact same thing. It's been out for a while (almost 6 months or more?) now.
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    Just put on OpenBSD and you wont have to worry about the NT patches at all!

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    I would strongly advise against downloading any Microsoft "Patches" from anywhere other than MS. You don't know where they've been.

    There are a lot of phoney ones (i.e. trojans) out there.

    I have no way of knowing whether this is one, nor do you


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