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Thread: Offshore Domain Registry/Hosting

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    Cool Offshore Domain Registry/Hosting

    Hi all,

    I want to create a website to expose a really nasty politician
    who is now a judge, but has high political aspirations. This
    guy makes Fred Phelps seems liberal.

    I know it will make he and his cronies go ballistic and
    want to retaliate and use their power to make our lives
    miserable, so to make it harder to learn who the site owner
    would be, someone suggested an offshore domain registrar,
    and host. Suggestions? I am in the U.S.

    I would most appreciate any input and information on how
    difficult it is to track down a U.S. Based website owner if
    said site it registered and hosted in the U.S. or, conversely,

    Thanks so much.

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    Correct me if Im wrong anyone, but I dont think that it matters what country you register your domain in, I think that if you do a registery search, it shows the owner of the domain, regardless of what country it is registered in.

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    Well ... some domain registries offer better registration information than others. And there are quite a number where you can get away with bogus registration information.

    I'll check if I can find some info on registries and post it on AO just for informative purposes.

    The problem is that, whatever your domain name, your IP address will still be traceable ... maybe there are some offshore web hosting services where you can get free space. Or maybe get a foreign ISP to offer you free web space if you take a subscription with them ...

    Anyway, just some ideas.



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    heh jehnx you beat me to it just open an account with and have it point at some free hosted place....


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    Thank you

    for your helpful replies. Does anyone know of an offshore .com or .org?

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    Alpha: I don't, but PLEASE PM me with it if you end up finding one.

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    I'd like to host u...

    PM me...

    The server is in the Netherlands.
    And we need more hits...
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