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Thread: PDF's vs HTML

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    PDF's vs HTML

    I'm becoming alarmed by the fact that more and more people on the web are storing files as PDF's. This is a pet hate of mine. PDF's files are huge in size, take longer to load and often give you trouble when you try to view them.

    What's wrong with using HTML? It does the job just as well (if not better) with less problems. The Internet has been supporting it for decades and it works fine. It's flexible and anyone with a browser can read it. If you just have to use PDF's, why not give the user a choice to download the file as either HTML or PDF?

    Is this just me or other there other people out there who also want to burn all PDF files?
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    I guess the reason is that many people building websites cant figure out how to make printable pages. Thats one good reason to use PDF as document instead of html, it's easier to read from a paper then from the screen.. Atleast I hate to take the monitor with my in the bed, maybe I'll change my mind when I can afford a TFT .

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    I agree with both of you on this matter - however, for all web work that I've done I personally prefer to use HTML - I just find it easier for me to deal with in the creation, and I've never bothered to purchase the full Acrobat. I've had some trouble in the past with some files that were PDF's, but nothing that wasn't too much trouble to resolve.
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    I also share this pet hate of PDFs. When you open them up, ou have to go to a completely different program. If they can't create the pages from handwritten-HTML, why ca't they just use FrontPage or something?

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    People are too lazy to turn then into HTML! Damm, you can save any Word document in html! That damm lazy!

    But still, a PFD with a index on the side is easy to naviguage.
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    hmm i personally like pdf files coz they look so professional when it comes to documentations.. but when it comes to resources.. yeah HTML is much more easier to load..

    I have most of my networking books and tutorials in PDF...

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