Apparently Nomad has some new technology coming out that might be quite interesting. It's a retinal-scanning device that can project graphics and words directly into the user eye. This would mean that for say, a helicopter pilot would not have to look at shaky over-head displays anymore. Instead, the images would be projected in his/her eye creating a display in which you would neither have disturbance or would it obstruct your view. Since it's portable too, you may also turn your head carefree. This should produce and effect anywhere from virtual reality to being very similar to the displays of a FPS game you may play. The unit is said to be about 1 pound. This item is view with extreme interest from the Army and Air Force. The benefits of this technology are many. Surgeons to display patients' vitals or give a firefighter an overlaid plan of the floor when smoke reduces visibility could use it. This system has already allowed patients with degeneration in the eye to read again. It's also rumored to be used in New York's up-coming Museum of Sex, lol. Microvision intends to sell a commercial version early spring for about $8,000-$10,000.Later.