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Thread: looking for Tool

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    looking for Tool

    Hello everyone I was wondering is there a tool out there that would show all the different pages in a web site for instance.

    if I where to type in I would get every possible page avalible in that site. Do you understand what im asking?

    Because here is my thought, sertain web sites want you to pay to enter or dl there product but there is a way around that by knowing exactly where to go. with haveing all the site pages available you could find the dl page you need and skip the whole enrollment. What do you guys think itll work or am I missing something?

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    I know a tool that parses and downloads the all... just google for webzip..

    there are more and better around... I just never use them.
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    yeah its called intellitamper dl's entire websites for offline viewing pm me on yahoo or do a search for it. sorry i dont remember where i got it but when i find the site ill post it . the site had most of the better ones for dl but i found intellitamper to be quite nice..IM me on yahoo or leave a post as to how i could reach you or just do a search for it. if dling the entire site hidden files and all isnt what you ment,then ..... what your looking for is the multi-browser from while using their new proxy service .. sorry had to say it as iv3e tried it and it works like a charm .....if you just want to skip ads on a home page just add "/pagename.extesion" into your browser you can easily find what page you want by checking the source of the page with the link on it..

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    You can get such "copy" of a website only if has no dynamically generated pages - in such case you can copy all (or almost all) static pages. For other sites you should have an acess to their PHPs or CGIs (via FTP, for example). For some sites their contents could be copied even via anonymous FTP connection.
    You can also use MSIE Spy to see all links at the current page.

    For such sites as you can get only some "page templates".
    So read a little bit about PHP, ASP and CGI.


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    There is another tool called Teleport Pro, I think that you can get it from:

    You can point the tool at a web page and copy all pages, pic, etc assocaited with that web page for offline use.

    It a good tool for trying to find hard coded passwords in the HTML code.

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    thats exactly what intellitamper does it dls everything all images pages hidden files etc

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