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Thread: It's a powerful virus by Chinese!!!

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    It's a powerful virus by Chinese!!!

    Come to my website and look!

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    Enough already. What do you need. You have posted this over and over. Just ask what you want and leave it at that please.

    This is how many times you have asked this with missleading headers just to get one to look at the post:
    Plus wanting us to hack for you or asking hoe to:
    Then you say you have a killer virus to use:

    Sorry for the rant people. I know I rarely say anything about posts as this because I beleive in live and let live. But this has become irritating over and over. I just want to know exactly what he wants. Yea the site is nice lookin and he has fixed the broken link. But enough is enough............End of rant.
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    Nakoka you have been EXPOSED before for tryng to take credit for an asm viri that you said you coded.
    You have 0 credibility so stop trying to act like you know something and get a life,your own.


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    hmm do you guys know that if you give a person a certain amount of negative antipont that person will loose its privilage to post anything?? hahaha

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    Yo does that virus come with some eggrolls and ****? DEM CHINESE KNOW HOW TO FRY DAT **** UP NICELY. lol

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    Re: It's a powerful virus by Chinese!!!

    Originally posted here by nakoka
    Come to my website and look!

    Yes, I agree with {PP}Apocalypse on this one - nakoka, please shut the hell up with these useless threads about the same damn thing. Yes, I'll also apologize for ranting and I'm not usually one to get angry but this is getting old nakoka. Like Crimina1 said, you've been busted before and no one believes you with these posts. So just stop it.

    Sorry guys...
    - Maverick

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