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Thread: a POWERFUL virus by Chinese

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    a POWERFUL virus by Chinese

    come to my website and see

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    You again? Jeez, let's see what mindless pre-compiled or outright-stolen drivel you have this time.
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    wow this thread was well accepted nakoka

    let's see what mindless pre-compiled or outright-stolen drivel you have this time.


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    Go see the answear to your previous posting about this.

    It's getting old now. You post the same thing over and over. It's turning into spam. Is the government of China aware of this site you have? Seriously. Unless you are working for them, you better be carefull. They frown on this kind of stuff. You see it all the time in the news. I have a freind, and he is from China. He has told me what they do to students and people that violate the law. It's not good.
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    That's one hell of an ass kicking virus (lol)! Is it as powerful as the chinese ICE in the Neuromancer?
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    Well, the latest dumbass post by nakoka has just made my day - I come into work, and after working through the problems that are waiting on me when I get here (more problems than usual), I come to AO and what do I find? Nakoka talking about this great Chinese virus (which I'm sure doesn't exist anyway, yet he feels he has to post the same stupid message over and over) Nakoka, get a life and quit with this stupid crap.

    Wasn't he causing some problems a while back? He hadn't posted in a while, I was kinda hoping he was gone.

    Great - now my whole day is going to suck...
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    maybe he's just lulling us into a false sense of jaw slacking boredom, then he'll really unleash his uber-hacker abilities against us!!
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    hmm nakoka.. not again.. how many times have u made posts like this??
    Look if you want to advertise your website do what i do.. just put it in your signature... so it wont annoy everyone..

    I can see that you are proud of your country and your skills.. but its starting to annoy everyone..

    I am proud of a lot of things but i only show it through my signature.. just to avoid annoying people.. i mean.. who would really care about what your passion is?? i know there is no one here would care for my passion for the Kindred ones.. so i dont make a post about Kindred. But i keep it on my signature.. so please.. stop this. Before you get booted off like other members before... wait.. u are banned.. see what i mean?

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    please he's not for real he's just hufen huffen #huffen.

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