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Thread: NetSyN is back *party*

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    Jan 2002

    Talking NetSyN is back *party*

    Thank you all for responding to

    You guys have taught me that no matter how many mistakes i make as long as i learn from them then they were mistakes worth makeing (within reason).

    I have decided against leaving AO forever and to instead stay and help and learn even more and of course stick to my aparently almost loved flameing abilitys haha

    Thank you ALL who have responded to my thread with positive input... you helped me a great deal and i will be assinging u ALL a + positve points for helping me.. so u soon shall all have about 20 extra AO points and i hope that shows how very very very thankfull i am to know there are people here who do feel i belong and have a place here.

    So welcome me back already!!!!! :P

    Special thanks to... (in order of appearance)
    lord_darkside_x BERBURT linuxcomando SSJVegeta-Sei Remote_Access_ delstar BrainStop Dr Toker hot_ice Matty_Cross k41d3r07h gold eagle bimmer SarinMage blackh0le Conf1rm3d_K1ll chsh KorpDeath Noia dieterle81 and HALO

    _NetSyN_ So whos up for a keg to celebrate?

    [shadow]i have a herd of 1337 sheep[/shadow]
    Worth should be judged on quality... Not apperance... Anyone can sell you **** inside a pretty box.. The only real gift then is the box..

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    you are welcome mate
    the only thing that doesn\'t change is everything will always change.

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    Glad you're goning to stick around........
    The COOKIE TUX lives!!!!
    Windows NT crashed,I am the Blue Screen of Death.
    No one hears your screams.

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    Glad youve decided to stay.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    I knew you'd back.. This sounds a bit hypocrytical but I think we can do with out the flames. We all know that oblio and eating_scarlet are idiots so lets just drop it. Any who..
    Welcome back.


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    Welcome back!
    I dont know u but hope 2
    see you around.
    by the way nice avatar-Remote_Access_
    My only fear in death is comming back reincarnated.

    \"Would I ever sh*t you?\"
    \"Of course not you are my favorite turd.\"--E5C4P3

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    Wow that's great man....anybody seen my mustache comb?

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    Great to see you back NetSyn

    [glowpurple]There were so many fewer questions when the stars where still just the holes to heaven - JJ[/glowpurple] [gloworange]I sure could use a vacation from this bull$hit, three ringed circus side show of freaks. - Tool. [/gloworange]

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    awesome...I had hoped you would come to

    RA was right all along......they always come back!!

    it's good to know though...I look forward to reading your posts some more!

    Oblio: This is becomming rediculous, I would give you negs...but I already have, and I have to "spread them out evenly"
    SlackWare my first, Debian my second....building my box into the ultimate weapon

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