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Thread: doubt about which language

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    doubt about which language

    i am a networking enthusiast..right now i am preparing for my MCSE.i dont intend to stick just to windows..i am also a linux/unix after a little experience i will be going for the repective certifications.
    which all languages should i be through with in order to be a good administrator for both windows and unix network??
    the aspect of a network that interests me most is its security..what all languages should i be thorough with inoder to be well versed in network security?now if you are going to ask whether to break in or to secure then the answer is 'for both'..

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    well with winblows... i mean windows, a little vb can't hurt! But what you really need is c, or c+ or c++, or c+ visual... what the *** ever!

    learn c, that's the bottom line...

    vb is a great "nice to have" (with windoze), but for *nix, you want c...
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    C or C++ is the key.. I agree with Socrates. VB is easy to understand at first if you need to learn the Basic stuff in programmaint but C is realy the key for Windows/Unix.
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    C is the best programming language for complex stuff.

    for easier stuff u can use perl python etc... simple portable languages, with great howto's on the net.
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    id learn c++ and visual studio c++ cause ms is a monoply so hehe good to know how to use that program but yeah learn c and c++ their similar in some aspects hehe but yeah just learn things that look interesting to u like atm i teaching my self php not to well but managing hehe
    have fun

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